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Drainage Northwest Minnesota
Quantifying soil carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus after subsurface drainage installation
Yield and Quality Responses of Ivory Russet and Russet Burbank Potatoes to P Rate, Banded P Application, Soil Fumigation, and Mycorrhizal Inoculation in High-P Soils
Soil Drainage, Tillage, And Crop Residue Management Impacts On Corn N Use Efficiency And Soil Health
Advancing Continuous Corn with Mid-Season Application of Nitrogen and Sulfur
Timing of K application for corn and soybean production
Effects of Cover Crop and Nitrogen Rate on Corn Grain and Silage Yield, Nitrogen Loss in Tile Drainage and Soil Health.
Can the presidedress soil N test help predict in-season fertilizer needs after fall-applied manure?
Sulfur placements’ impacts on corn hybrids grown in a two-year corn-soybean rotation.
Developing Guidelines for Variable Rate Nitrogen Management of Corn in Minnesota
Influence of Phosphorus and Potassium Applications in a Multi-Year Spring Wheat-Soybean Crop Rotation
Fine Tuning Sulfur Guidelines for Alfalfa
Timing of P application for corn and soybean production
Irrigator Spraying Water
Effect of variable rate irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer rates on crop productivity and water quality
Developing Distinct Levels of Precision Nitrogen Management Strategies and Technologies for Corn in Minnesota
Understanding Mechanisms of Sulfur Cycling in Minnesota Soils and Availability from Fertilizer
Updating Nitrogen and Phosphorus Credits from Manure to Maximize Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Row Crops
Assessment of Atmospheric Deposition of Nutrients in Minnesota
Utilizing On-farm Research to Revise Fertilizer Recommendations in Low Yielding Zones
Improving Soil Testing Services and Fertilizer Usage for Urban Communities
Long-Term Impact of Nitrogen Fertilization on Corn Production, Soils and Nitrogen Cycling Processes in Minnesota
Are Band Applications of P and K More Efficient and Profitable Than Broadcast
Advancing Outreach of Phosphorus Management in MN
Nitrogen Requirements for Potatoes Grown in a Bed-Planting Configuration
Coordinated Educational Program for Nutrient Management in Minnesota
Establishing Nitrogen Credits Following a Sweet Corn Crop on Non-Irrigated Soils
Improving Management of Hard Red Spring Wheat with Sulfur Fertilizer Applications and Variable Rate Nitrogen
Evaluation and Calibration of In-Season Tools for Detecting Nitrogen Stress in Corn
Comparison Between Source of Potassium for Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Production
Change in Soil Test P Following Long Term P Fertilization Strategies
Using On-Board Protein Analyzers for Making Grain Protein Content Harvest Maps of Spring Wheat
Urea and Urea Additives as Fertilizer Sources for Corn Production in Minnesota
Evaluating the Haney Test as a Tool in Soil Fertility Management in MN
The Nature of Phosphorus Behavior in Soils
On-Farm Evaluation of Potato Response to Nitrogen Source and Rate and Length of History of Potato Cultivation
On-Farm Evaluation of Boron Response in Corn and Sugarbeet
Evaluation of Sulfur Guidelines for Major Crops in MN
Nitrogen Response and Soil Microbial Activity in Potato Cropping Systems As Affected by Fumigation
Response of Irrigated Russet Burbank Potatoes to Nitrogen Rate, Polymer-Coated Urea Sources, and a Microbial Additive
Minnesota Long-Term Phosphorus Trial: Phase II, Testing Yield Response and Potential
Nitrate in Tile-Drain Water Relative to Time and Source of Nitrogen Application
Perennial Ryegrass Growth, Development and Seed Yield Influenced by Phosphorus Source, Rate, Placement and Timing
Control Over Fundamental Soil N Cycling Process in Minnesota Cropping Systems: Nitrification, Nitrosation
Advancing Intensive Management of Continuous Corn on Irrigated Sands
Further Development of Web and Print Extension Materials for Nutrient Management in Minnesota
Optimizing Nitrogen Management for Processing Sweet Corn Production on Fine-Textured Soils
Development and Test of Potassium Management Algorithms for Corn
Effects of Nitrogen Application Timing on Corn Production and Soil Quality
Phosphorus Availability and its Relationship to Sorption Maximum and Sorption Strength
Evaluation of Variable Rate Nitrogen Technologies for Corn in Minnesota
Advancing Intensive Management of Corn Systems in Minnesota
Evaluation of the Solvita Test to Estimate Mineralizable Nitrogen in Minnesota Soils
Efficient Nitrogen Fertilization for Cultivated Wildrice Varieties
Wheat Yield and Quality as Influenced by Coated Nitrogen (ESN Timings, Rates and Mixtures with Urea)
Targeting the Right Audiences with Fertilizer Education: Knowing Who is Influencing Decision Makers
Improving Predictability and Adoption of Alfalfa N Credits for Corn
Evaluation of Fertilizer Placement and Timing in Continuous Corn in Three Long-Term Tillage Systems
Long-Term Soil Test Monitoring in Minnesota Cropping Systems
Evaluation of Sulfur Mineralization and Availability in Soil and Manure and Sulfur Content in Plants
Evaluation of In-Furrow Starter Fertilizer Sources for Corn
Plant Analysis as a Management Tool for Corn and Soybean Fields
Enhanced-Efficiency Nitrogen as Nitrogen Source for Sugar Beet Production
Wheat Yield, Quality, and Plant Heath Parameters from Starter Applications of MicroEssentials in Northwest Minnesota
Potassium Fertilization of Corn and Soybean
Optimal Utilization of Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulfur Fertilization in Corn-Soybean Rotations
Nutrient Uptake of Four Spring Wheat Varieties Grown Under Varying Nitrogen Stress
Rate and Timing of P and K Fertilization in Corn-Soybean Rotations in Minnesota
Potassium Fertilization Requirements for Intensively Managed Modern Alfalfa
Enhancing Continuous-Corn Production in Conservation Tillage with Starter Fluid Fertilizer Combinations and Placement
Effect of Bioenergy Crop Residue Removal on Secondary and Micronutrients in Minnesota Soils
On-Farm Assessment of Critical Soil Test P Values in Minnesota
Nitrogen Uptake, Distribution, and Utilization in Hard Red Spring Wheat Varieties
Minnesota Long-Term Phosphorus Management Trial: Phase I – The Build Period
Validating Top-Dressed K Fertilizer Recommendations in an Alfalfa-Corn Rotation
Advancing Improved Management of Nitrogen in Minnesota with the Best Management Practices (BMPs) Publications
Zinc and Sulfur Fertilization for High-Yield Corn Production
Drainage Control to Promote High Crop Yields and Diminish Nutrient Losses from Agricultural Fields in Minnesota
Tillage and Sulfur Management for Corn in Fine-Textured Soils
Minimizing Nitrate Loss to Drainage by Optimizing N Rate and Timing for a Corn-Corn-Soybean Rotation
Efficient Management of Nitrogen Fertilizer for Wheat Grown in Minnesota
Impact of Phosphorus Fertilization Strategies on Efficiency of Nitrogen Use by Corn Rotated with Soybean
Fertilizer Requirement for Native Perennial Plants Harvested for Biomass
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