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Updating Nitrogen and Phosphorus Credits from Manure to Maximize Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Row Crops

Start Date: 2018
Principal Investigator: Melissa L. Wilson
Organization: University of Minnesota, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate
Status: Ongoing

Background Info

Our goal is to verify and/or update N and P credit recommendations from manure so that farmers are able to make better decisions when purchasing and applying commercial fertilizers in the following years.


Estimate N and P mineralization from a variety of manures and soil types.

Determine the best calculation for plant available N (PAN) and plant available P (PAP).

Key Findings

The main goal of this project is to determine if the University of Minnesota’s current recommendations for manure N and P credits are still applicable. Our first year of data showed that we may need to make adjustments to beef bedded pack and possibly dairy manure, but further years of data are needed. In the end, if we are able to provide better recommendations for manure use, then farmers will be able to better maximize their commercial fertilizer purchases, increasing profitability.

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