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Sulfur placements’ impacts on corn hybrids grown in a two-year corn-soybean rotation.

Study author(s): Daniel Kaiser, University of Minnesota
Years of study: 2022
Location(s): Rosemount, MN and Waseca, MN

Important: for the complete report, including all tables and figures, please download using the links to the right.

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  • The following report contains all data for the 2022 growing season except for V10 and R1 leaf S concentration data and grain S concentration data as the samples are currently being analyzed. The study is being continued in 2023 so any remaining data will be included in the next year end report.
  • Crop circle or SPAD readings were seldom impacted by sulfur source or rate. Values were impacted by hybrid at Waseca but there was no interaction between sulfur source or rate with hybrid.
  • Corn grain yield was affected by sulfur rate at Rosemount (both sources had a similar impact on yield) while source was significant at Waseca (yield was greater with ATS).
  • Corn grain yield differed between two hybrids at both locations. The three way source x rate x hybrid interaction was significant at Waseca where yield was greater for the Pioneer hybrid but only when the high rate of S was applied as ATS.
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