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Tillage and Sulfur Management for Corn in Fine-Textured Soils

Study author(s): Jeffrey Strock, University of Minnesota, Southern Research and Outreach Center
Years of study: 2008 – 2011
Location(s): Lamberton, MN

Important: for the complete report, including all tables and figures, please download using the link(s) to the right.


Corn yield data showed a significant interaction between crop rotation, year, sulfur application and tillage system for the corn following corn and soybean following corn rotations. Grain yield response to sulfur mainly occurred under conservation tillage systems which supports the hypothesis that corn grain yield would respond positively to sulfur application under reduced tillage in fine textured soil in southwest Minnesota. Sulfur application before soybean did not affect soybean grain yield. Corn grain moisture from nonsulfur fertilized treatments either equaled or exceeded corn grain moisture from sulfur fertilized treatments. Ear leaf sample nitrogen and sulfur data collected at tassel and convened to N.S ratio was a useful tool for understanding and explaining the relationship between corn grain yield and applied sulfur. Soil test sulfate was a poor indicator of available sulfur.

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