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The Nature of Phosphorus Behavior in Soils

Start Date: 2016
Principal Investigator: Paulo Pagliari
Organization: University of Minnesota, Southwest Research and Outreach Center
Status: Ongoing

Background Info

Understanding soil phosphorus and what soil properties affect P availability in soil is crucial to improving P management in land use for agriculture. The objective of this research was to try and relate the soil PBC to sorption maximum and sorption strength and also determine which soil property/properties controls these parameters.


Determine the P behavior of soils when P concentrations are above the newly discovered threshold levels.

Investigate how the P is distributed in the soil when P concentrations are elevated above the threshold level.

Help in the development of improved P management strategies in soils.

Key Findings

The results of this study show two distinct behavior. One behavior is well known and the behavior we were attempting to understand and is the behavior that takes place from 0 to about 100 mg P. For concentration above 100 mg P, a second unexpected behavior takes place. We are not yet sure why this second behavior is happening but it has never been reported in literature before. In the next phase of the study we will start to combine results of the first and develop PBC curves.

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