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Coordinated Educational Program for Nutrient Management in Minnesota

Study author(s): Fabian Fernandez, University of Minnesota, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate
Years of study: 2018

Important: for the complete report, including all tables and figures, please download using the link(s) to the right.

Background Info

The two conferences dedicated to fertilizers and agricultural nutrient management in Minnesota are supported by the Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Council (AFREC). During these two events 303 attendees learned about the most up to date findings from Minnesota research supported by AFREC and other organizations as well as Minnesota-relevant information presented by other cutting edge researchers from other states.


Two annual conferences are the flagship educational events focused on advanced fertilizer management “The Nutrient Management Conference” that is in its 10th year and “Nitrogen: Minnesota’s Grand Challenge and Compelling Opportunity Conference” that is in its 4th year.

  1. Building on a base level, increase the breadth and depth of knowledge of farmers and agriculture professionals regarding profitable nutrient management and nutrient-related environmental quality issues.
  2. Increase regulator awareness of emerging technologies and practices that can reduce nutrient-related water issues.
  3. Create a forum where nutrient-related issues can be discussed from various perspectives and generate knowledge-based behavioral changes related to nutrients in agriculture and the environment.

Key Findings

The conferences were well received and there is a good indication that attendees saw value in the event and would like these conferences to continue in teh future. The full report showcases a summary of evaluations provided by attendees to each of the conferences.

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