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Advancing Improved Management of Nitrogen in Minnesota with the Best Management Practices (BMPs) Publications

Study author(s): John Lamb, University of Minnesota, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate
Years of study: 2008
Location(s): n/a

Important: for the complete report, including all tables and figures, please download using the link(s) to the right.


In Minnesota, Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for nitrogen use were first formalized in publications in the early 1990’s. Research that focused on N management did not stop at that time. Development of improved management practices for N fertilizers is a continuous process that requires dynamic research efforts. Since the early 1990’s, N management practices have been revised and updated based on an extensive data base.

Based on new research, the original BMP’s have been revised and updated and were published as part of this project. The audience was composed of farmers, ag professionals, and federal and state agency personnel.

The revised BMP’s emphasize the agronomic, economic, and environmental aspects of N management. They compliment the adoption of the new concept for N rate guidelines incorporated into Extension educational programs beginning in January of 2006. The soaring cost of fertilizer N places additional emphasis on the publication of BMP’s. The revised BMP’s concentrate on management practices that keep losses of fertilizer N to a minimum.

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