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NOTE: Application period has ended for 2020 funding. Application period will open fall of 2020. 

The Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Council (AFREC) awards grants to fund nutrient management research every year. These funds, distributed through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, help direct fertilizer research and outreach programs for the coming year. To request an information packet, click below.


Background Information

In 2007, The Minnesota Legislature established the Minnesota Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Program for the purpose of directing fertilizer research and outreach programs. The enabling legislation establishing the governing Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Council (referred to as “AFREC” or “Council”) are MN Statute 18C.70, 18C.71, and 18C.80. The Minnesota Legislature established the funding mechanism for the program by raising the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s (MDA) fertilizer tonnage fee from 30 cents/ton to 70 cents/ton starting July 1, 2009. Each year, MDA announces a Request for Proposals (RFP) for projects using funds generated from fertilizer sales. This year, up to $1,250,000 generated by fertilizer sales from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019, is available for this Request for Proposals (RFP).


Eligible Projects | Eligible project activities include research that addresses one or more of the activities as defined by Minnesota Statute 18C.71. These activities include research, education, technology transfer related to the production and application of commercial fertilizer, soil amendments, and other plant amendments. AFREC’s goal is to have projects selected and contracts executed prior to the 2020 cropping season.

You may request a copy of the RFP packet (instructions and application forms) by contacting:

Mail: Minnesota Department of Agriculture
ATTN: Luan Johnsrud, State Program Administrator
Fertilizer Non-Point Section
625 Robert Street North
St. Paul, MN 55155
Phone: 320-634-7351

Direct questions regarding this RFP to Luan Johnsrud, or 320-634-7351. Questions will be accepted until November 16, 2019 at 4:00 pm. An anonymous summery of all questions received and their answers will be relayed via email to all RFP proposal requesters by November 21, 2019.

Other MDA personnel or representative not authorized to discuss this RFP with responders nor listed as a collaborator or partner anywhere within the proposal. Contact with any MDA personnel not listed above could result in disqualification.

All proposals must be submitted using the format in the prescribed proposal instructions and satisfy the criteria as outlined in the full text of the RFP.

Submission of Proposal Deadline | Deliver responses to this RFP to the address listed above no later than 3:00 p.m. November 29, 2019 Central Time. Late proposals will not be considered. Faxed or emailed proposals will not be considered.

This request does not obligate the State to award or complete the work contemplated in this notice. The State reserves the right to cancel this RFP if it is considered to be in its best interest. All expenses incurred in responding to this notice are solely the responsibility of the responders.

RFP Overview

Click to view a brief overview of the RFP

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