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Development and Test of Potassium Management Algorithms for Corn

Start Date: 2013
Principal Investigator: Ron Potok
Organization: Solum, The Mosaic Company, IPNI
Status: Complete

Background Info

This project explored algorithms for potassium (K) management in corn, using a variety of measurement-based parameters. Since potassium availability and transport to the plant are impacted by so many variables, this study focused on measuring as many known factors as possible. The goal of this research was a better understanding of the interaction between yield and soil K on Minnesota farms, ultimately leading to the development of algorithms for potassium management.


In year 1, determine yields that should respond to Potassium

In year 2, determine crop response to Potassium added based on Solum Field Moist K measurement.

Key Findings

We produced several interesting indicators, including moisture, organic matter (OM), cation exchange capacity (CEC) and clay components, which may impact plant available K.

Unfortunately, the yield signal in our test plots was not above the noise, so it is difficult to make firm conclusions based on this work.

This potassium project was only funded for one year and was terminated when Solum company was sold. The goals of this research are still a concern in developing better potassium recommendations. These objectives are being researched in other AFREC funded projects.

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