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Evaluation of Sulfur Mineralization and Availability in Soil and Manure and Sulfur Content in Plants

Study author(s): Daniel Kaiser, University of Minnesota
Years of study: 2014
Location(s): Various across southern MN: New Ulm, Montgomery, Theilman, Renville, Otisco, Alden, Medford

Important: for the complete report, including all tables and figures, please download using the link(s) to the right.


The data from this study has shown clear benefits for sulfur applied to corn. Rates needed to maximize yields have been 10 lbs. of S per acre broadcast, but further data has shown that more may be needed under some circumstances. It has also been shown that delaying application of sulfur up to the V3 growth stage did not have any negative impacts on yield. Grain harvest moisture was also decreased when sulfur was applied, but the effect may not be as great if application is delayed to the V5 growth stage. The limited second year data has shown that sulfur may carry over from year to year and this carryover can affect yields. Sulfur soil test was shown to not be affected from S fertilizer. However, the mineralization potential of S from corn stover was increased when sulfur was applied which may explain a possible source for mineralized sulfur for the following year’s crop.

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