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Effect of Variable Rate Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates on Crop Productivity and Water Quality
Understanding Mechanisms of Sulfur Cycling in Minnesota Soils and Availability from Fertilizer
Updating Nitrogen and Phosphorus Credits from Manure to Maximize Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Row Crops
Assessment of Atmospheric Deposition of Nutrients in Minnesota
Improving Soil Testing Services and Fertilizer Usage for Urban Communities
Yield and quality responses of Ivory Russet and Russet Burbank potatoes to P rate, banded P application, soil fumigation, and mycorrhizal inoculation in high-P soils
Developing Distinct Levels of Precision Nitrogen Management Strategies & Technologies for Corn in Minnesota
Long-Term Impact of Nitrogen Fertilization on Corn Production, Soils and Nitrogen Cycling Processes in Minnesota
Timing of Phosphorus Application for Corn and Soybean Production
Are Band Applications of P and K More Efficient and Profitable Than Broadcast
Advancing Outreach of Phosphorus Management in MN
Nitrogen Requirements for Potatoes Grown in a Bed-Planting Configuration
Coordinated Educational Program for Nutrient Management in Minnesota
Establishing Nitrogen Credits Following a Sweet Corn Crop on Non-Irrigated Soils
Improving Management of Hard Red Spring Wheat with Sulfur Fertilizer Applications and Variable Rate Nitrogen
Evaluation and Calibration of In-Season Tools for Detecting Nitrogen Stress in Corn
Comparison Between Source of Potassium for Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Production
Change in Soil Test P Following Long Term P Fertilization Strategies
Using On-Board Protein Analyzers for Making Grain Protein Content Harvest Maps of Spring Wheat
Urea and Urea Additives as Fertilizer Sources for Corn Production in Minnesota
Evaluating the Haney Test as a Tool in Soil Fertility Management in MN
The Nature of Phosphorus Behavior in Soils
On-Farm Evaluation of Boron Response in Corn & Sugar Beets
Evaluation of Sulfur Guidelines for Major Crops in MN
Nitrogen Response and Soil Microbial Activity in Potato Cropping Systems As Affected by Fumigation
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