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Soil + Plant Testing

Optimizing Nitrogen Management for Processing Sweet Corn Production on Fine-Textured Soils
Control over Fundamental Soil N Cycling Process in Minnesota Cropping Systems: Nitrification, Nitrosation
Advancing Intensive Management of Continuous Corn on Irrigated Sands
Effects of Nitrogen Application Timing on Corn Production and Soil Quality
Long-Term Soil Test Monitoring in Minnesota Cropping Systems
Evaluation of Sulfur Mineralization and Availability in Soil and Manure and Sulfur
Targeting the Right Audiences with Fertilizer Education: Knowing Who Is Influencing Decision Makers
Rate and Timing of P and K Fertilization in Corn-Soybean Rotations in Minnesota
Evaluation of Critical Potassium Levels in Minnesota Soils
On-farm Assessment of Critical Soil Test P Values in Minnesota
Tillage and Sulfur Management for Corn in Fine-Textured Soils

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