Evaluation of Sulfur Mineralization and Availability in Soil and Manure and Sulfur


Start Date: 2012

Principal Investigator: Daniel Kaiser

Organization: University of Minnesota, Department of Soil, Water and Climate

Status: Complete 

Background Information:

Application of sulfur (S) to field crops has increased the profitability of many acres in Minnesota. Many research projects have shown the benefits to this nutrient. However, research has not been able to fully cover all of the important aspects of sulfur management. Rate of mineralization from organic matter, efficacy of using elemental sulfur, S credits from manure, normal values for plant tissue tests for S and the cycling of S from one year to the next have not been fully addressed by research. Some studies have been designed to look at this, but have not been able to completely answer these questions due to lack of funding to run samples collected but not sent to the lab. We propose a one-year study to finish analyzing samples collected in other research projects, and one new study to determine sulfur and nitrogen mineralization for soil samples across the state of Minnesota. The data provided will be essential to fill some of the gaps we have in the knowledge base. The end product will be a new sulfur bulletin for the state of Minnesota.

Key Findings:

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