Efficient Nitrogen Fertilization for Cultivated Wildrice Varieties


Start Date: 2014

Principal Investigators: Dan Braaten, Dr. Albert Sims, Dr. Vincent Fritz

Organization: University of Minnesota

Status: Complete

Background Information:

The research has focused on more efficient use of nitrogen – and not losing it to denitrification – in wild rice. When wild rice is flooded, nitrogen is applied aerially, which has shown to be less efficient. In order to mitigate some of this inefficiency, the team looked at environmentally smart nitrogen, or ESN, which is a product made by Agrium.


The thought was that with ESN – the polymer coated urea – nitrogen would release slowly and then growers could maybe put more it on early in the fall, and then it would last through one top dress timing, so we would be able to eliminate that.

Key Findings:

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